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Step into WonderScape, a captivating new exhibition where lights dance, colours sing, and ink flows to create new patterns every second. Immerse yourself in interactive art installations by renowned artists who will be exhibiting their works in the UAE for the first time. 


Light up your imagination and say, hello Wonder!

Included with Standard Plus tickets from AED 169 for 1 Child + 1 Adult


Artist: Karina Smigla-Bobinski

KALEIDOSKOP offers a hands-on exploration of how our brains perceive ‘virtual colours’ through an interactive lightbox covered with separate sheets of cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. Pressure, whether from a finger, foot, or entire body, manipulates the inks, creating ever-changing, chaotic yet captivating images and colours that defy reality. This process is captured by cameras and projected in RGB coding, illuminating the LED facade with mesmerising patterns.

Quantum Jungle

Artist: Robin Baumgarten

Welcome to the weird world of quantum mechanics! Quantum Jungle is an interactive art installation that playfully visualises Quantum Physics concepts on a large wall filled with over 700 novel touch-sensitive metal springs and thousands of LEDs. It demonstrates concepts such as superposition, interference, wave-particle duality, and quantum waveform collapse – all while maintaining a playful approach that attracts children and adults alike, facilitating satisfying interactions sparking curiosity and wonder.

Time Warp

Artist: Amanda Long

This interactive artwork allows guests to see their present and past selves in slow motion in an open-ended and playful manner. Watch with delight as kids find ingenious ways to experiment with creative movements and explore different aspects of their faces and bodies! Artist Amanda Long invites participants on a journey of self-discovery and wonder. Whether young or old, visitors are sure to be captivated by the the endless possibilities this exhibit presents for playful exploration and creative expression.

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Line Wobbler

Artist: Robin Baumgarten

Experience gaming like never before! Use a custom wobble controller to navigate through a series of levels in a one-dimensional dungeon on a five-meter LED strip. This award-winning experiment in minimalism in game design showcases novel input mechanics, retro sound, and the incorporation of physical architectural space into a game. By bending and flinging the spring controller, players navigate obstacles and fight enemies to beat a series of increasingly difficult levels. Ready for the challenge?

Line Wobbler - Robin Baumgarten

Luminous Lagoon

Created by OliOli®

Step into a realm of wonder with our mesmerising glow-in-the-dark ball pit! Thousands of brightly illuminated balls await, creating an immersive experience like no other. But the excitement doesn’t stop there as there’s a very unique way to enter the ball-pit! Kids can get an extra dose of fun as they glide down our unique slide and plunge into the vibrant sea of colours below.

Luminarium - Glow In The Dark Ball Pit UAE

Light up your imagination and say, hello Wonder!

Included with Standard Plus tickets from AED 169 for 1 Child + 1 Adult