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Toshi's Nets

For safe wobbles and giggles

What on earth is it? Good question. Part trampoline, part playground, part Alice-in-Wonderland-style adventure, it’s a giant string-woven creation filled with colourful holes and magical shapes. It took almost a year to make, weighs a whopping 800 kg and can hold 29 baby elephants! With less than ten in the world, make sure you experience the one and only in the Middle East.

It encourages children’s natural sense of curiosity, as they climb and explore, developing both gross and fine motor skills. The nature of the space also nurtures creativity and imagination, while enabling them to safely take risks and enhance social skills through helping each other and taking turns. Please note that height restrictions apply in the Toshi’s Nets (children must be between 90-150 centimeters tall). Children taller than 150 centimeters may be allowed into the nets at the discretion of the OliOli team.