Enter the ball dimension!

Enter the ball dimension, with an exciting array of ‘incredible ball runs’ that will set your creativity in motion. Play with 6 different exhibits and be captivated by the rolls, turns and jumps of a ball on different paths and onto unconventional objects.

In this interactive gallery, children can also build their own ball paths as they observe gravity at work, explore laws of motion, experience kinetic energy and much more. This hands-on experience of building, adjusting, and collaborating can support a child’s observation skills, tracking skills, problem-solving skills, and design/spatial thinking skills.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Please Note: Our Air Gallery will be closed until May 8th to host the Museum of the Moon.

Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm
Wednesday: 10am – 6pm
Thursday: 10am – 6pm
Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 2pm – 8pm
Sunday: 9am – 7pm