We offer 90-minute programs to keep kids (aged 7-10) productively engaged and entertained at home. While these activities are delivered virtually, the emphasis is still on hands-on exploration, tinkering and making.

Timings: 10am and/or 3pm Price: AED 90/Session

What these sessions include:
(a) Activity kits which can be picked up from OliOli® or delivered*
(b) Fully facilitated sessions through Zoom (max of 8 attendees)**
(c) Carefully curated themes for each day of the week

To see the full list of timings for each workshop, please see our CALENDAR VIEW
Sundays: Coding

Designing Games

Create and play your very own 2D computer game using block programming.
Dates: Aug 2nd, Aug 16th

Designing Games Level 2 *NEW*

Explore new elements in game design including, moving enemies, multiple lives and adding a scoring system!
Dates: Aug 2nd, Aug 9th, Aug 16th, Aug 23rd

Creating Art

Learn the basics of programming, and use your  knowledge to create exciting works of art.
Dates: July 28th, Aug 9th, Aug 23rd


Mondays: Life In The Lab


Explore palaeontology, create a dinosaur dig and learn how fossils are created.
Dates: Aug 3rd, August 17th

Forensic Scientist

In this session, learn more about how forensic science can help solve even the most complex of mysteries.
Dates: Aug 3rd, Aug 17th


Astronomy *NEW*

Join us on an exciting journey through space in order to learn more about the planets and the star that make up our solar system!
Dates: August 10th, August 24th

Tuesdays: Let's Try...


In this session you’ll build your very own tool box using a variety of woodworking skills!
Dates: Aug 4th, Aug 18th

Animation *NEW*

In this session we’ll be exploring stop motion animation and creating our own mini movies!
Dates: Aug 11th, Aug 25th

Wednesdays: Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

In this session you’ll become a mechanical engineer by building and creating your very own moving machines.
Dates: Aug 5th, Aug 19th


Architectural Engineer

Explore super strong structures and how they are made. You’ll get the chance to create your very own super structures.
Dates: July 29th, Aug 5th, Aug 19th


Engineer *NEW*

Explore circuits, make your very own electric game and brighten up any space with our glowing fireflies!
Dates: Aug 12th, Aug 26th

Thursdays: Adventure Quest

Spy Quest – Level 1

Calling all agents, SPY Dubai – OliOli® division needs your help! Find clues and solve puzzles in order to solve our latest mystery.
Dates: Aug 6th, Aug 13th, Aug 20th, Aug 27th

Spy Quest – Level 2

Calling all agents, the cookie man has struck again, and this time we must chase him across the world to solve the mystery!
Dates: July 30th, Aug 6th, Aug 13th, Aug 20th, Aug 27th

Timings: 10am and/or 3pm (each session is 90 mins)

Price: AED 90/Session

* Home delivery will cost an additional AED 35 for each delivery
**Some parental guidance necessary for the workshops