About Ryan Jenkins:

Ryan Jenkins is a constructionist educator who has traveled around the world facilitating collaborative learning experiences! He is the co-founder of wonderfulidea.co – a studio in Northern California that develops resources for the exploration of Art, Science & Technology. He has shared his knowledge with us in the form of a special exhibit that you can discover at OliOli®️ today – the Musical Bench – and a unique Professional development workshop for local educators!

Musical Bench at OliOli®️

The Musical Bench is an exhibit which makes music when people touch or hold hands. It uses a micro-controller to detect changes in resistance, via the copper armrests, and plays high or low notes depending on how much current flows through you and a friend. This exhibit is the result of messing around with many different ways of using the human body to complete an electrical circuit!

How does it work?

Watch it in action!

Educators' Professional Development Workshop:

An interactive and practical workshop centered around bringing science to life through tinkering in the classroom.

During this 2 hour activity, educators were invited to take the role of the learner by exploring how to construct their own moving light and shadow sculptures. Centered around combining technology, art, and principles of reflection, refraction, and colour mixing – this training is the perfect tool to incorporate into any curriculum.

See it in action!

Educators' Professional Development Workshop - Ryan Jenkins
To find out more about our professional development workshops - please email us at hello@olioli.ae