Time to get chompy! Here is a super easy and simple DIY craft that's fun for the whole family. You can use pictures of each other, or you can get creative and use coloured paper to create your own characters!

What you’ll Need:
Photos of Faces
Coloured Paper or Cardstock
Clothes Pegs
Glue Stick

Let’s Begin:

1. Print some faces on an A4 sheet and cut these out using scissors.

2. Carefully cut a line through the mouth of each face.

3. Take your glue stick and place some glue on the end of a clothes peg.

4. Stick each side of the face on the top and bottom of the clothes peg. (Make sure they line up!)

5. Get creative! You can also make different chompy face characters using coloured paper or cardstock!

6. Time to get chompy!

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