OliOli Mission Mars 2021 - Half Term Event For Kids & Families

Join our celebrations for the UAE’s Mars mission 2021 with 8 fun and interactive, space themed activities inspired by UAE’s Hope probe, designed to give your children an ‘out of this world’ experience!

Activity overview:

o The Perseverance Landing Challenge
Landing a spacecraft on a planet (constantly in motion) is a hard problem. Test your skills in this simplified landing challenge!

o The Ingenuity Helicopter
NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars! Test the aerodynamics of small paper blades on our Hovercraft Table.

o The Museum of the Moon
Human colonisation of Mars imagined by NASA in this short VR experience!

o The Astronaut Training Camp

o Water on Mars
Use tools to break a hard surface and find signs of water and other elements

o Rover driving
Did you know Mars has two moons while we just have one? In this activity, navigate a rover on the surface of OUR moon

o Rocket racing
Compete against family/friends in a rocket race into space

o System control
Repair the system controls on a space shuttle

o Communication control
Restore the communication channels between OliOli® and the ISS

o Reaction training
Test reflexes with astronaut reaction training

o The Astronaut selfie
Take a selfie on the way to Mars

o Mars terrain driving
Build and test the endurance of rovers on the surface of Mars

o Curiosity on Mars
Explore the areas discovered on Mars

12th to 27th February

Tickets: FREE when booked online in advance, along with your regular admission ticket of (AED 126 – 1 child + 1 free adult).

AED 30 when purchased at the door.