OliOli® invites you to ring in the new year with the biggest kids party in Dubai at our Mess Fest. On December 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th join us for amazing explosion shows, paint catapults, a gooey oobleck walk, bubbles station, messy science demos, as well as the chance to explore our 8 fun-filled galleries!

Mess Fest & Museum Admission (3 hours):
AED 146 / Child (Above 23 months)
AED 73 / Toddlers (12 – 23 months)
AED 42 / Adult

Tickets selling fast – don’t miss out!


OliOli Mess Fest 2019 - Oobleck

Mess Mayhem!

  • Have you ever tried walking on water or any other liquid? Now you can, with our large oobleck track! This activity maybe super messy but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!
  • Play treasure hunt and find hidden objects inside oobleck bins… it’s not as easy as it seems!
OliOli Mess Fest 2019 - Paint Frenzy

Paint Frenzy!

  • Use our catapults to launch paintballs onto a canvas for this unique painting activity!
  • We challenge you to make art masterpieces with anything but a paintbrush! Use your fingers, toes, spaghetti or anything…as long as it’s not a paintbrush!
OliOli Mess Fest - Glow In The Dark Room

Glow In The Dark Room!

  • Continue the messy activities inside an awesome glow-in-the-dark zone! 
  • Kids can play with bubbles on a back-lit table, glow in the dark oobleck, paint, and slime!
OliOli Mess Fest 2019 - Bubble Mania

Bubble Mania!

  • Capture your picture inside a bubble!
  • Make giant bubbles over a meter wide!
  • Create art using bubbles!
  • Discover our bubble bins!

Science Demos!

  • There will also be several hands-on science demos for some extra messy fun.
OliOli Mess Fest 2019 - Mess Fest Shows

Mess Fest Shows!

  • Join us every day for special explosion shows!

Tickets selling fast – don’t miss out!

Please Note:

OliOli® is now open! Please note that advance booking is required.