Toshi’s Nets

Kids can climb or swing through the Net as they learn to assess risks and share the joy with friends.

Water Gallery

Kids can splash through this gallery to analyze theories of engineering and physics as they interact and play with over 10 exhibits including ball cannon, vortex, rain, and weirs.

Future Park

A truly collaborative and creative environment where kids can see their artwork come to life on our interactive screens!


Build airplanes, rockets, or hovercrafts. Play with airways. Withstand the pressure of extreme winds in the Hurricane Booth to learn more about the science of air surrounding us.

Cars and Ramps

Kids can design, construct, race and jump their own vehicles as they test the laws of mass and motion.

Creative Lab

Materials, time and space become endless possibilities to make (or unmake) just about anything one can imagine in this gallery.

Forts and Dens

Dream and build big! Make a home, hideaway, castle or anything else. Use everyday materials to learn what it means to shape a community.


A gallery especially designed for our youngest visitors to learn fine & gross motor skills as they make their first friends.