Fairytale Science Interactive Storytelling For Toddlers at OliOli

Introduce your young ones to the magic of stories and the wonders of science in one mesmerizing experience at our Fairytale Science sessions.

An interactive story telling session for toddlers and their parents or guardians, where each week we will play, sing, investigate and explore our way through classic fairy tales. Led by our star imaginators these sessions will be highly interactive and will invite participants to question the fairy tale world much like we do our own world; How did the beanstalk grow so big? Why should we build our houses out of bricks? Why is it so difficult to get a giant turnip out of the ground? We will dive into these questions during our interactive storytelling sessions and we will invite the youngest members of the audience to contribute to the story along the way.

Every Tuesday

9.30am, 10:30am, 11:30am and 1:30pm
Limited Capacity

Ages 2 – 4

Duration: 2 hours – 30 minute Storytelling show, 30 minute themed interactive activity in a selected gallery, followed by 60 minutes of free play time.

Ticket:Free with your general admission ticket (AED 126 for 1 Child + 1 Adult) when booked online in advance; AED 30 at the door.

Fairytale Science Interactive Storytelling For Toddlers at OliOli