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An Atelier is a workshop or studio,
especially one used by an artist
or designer.

An Atelier is a workshop
or studio, especially one
used by an artist or designer.

The OliOli® Atelier is a space for tinkering that allows participants to build their own personal pathways around exploring phenomena like electricity, light, motion, and balance; while building meaningful artefacts that engage both their hands and minds.

The OliOli® Atelier is suitable for kids aged 4+

The OliOli® Atelier offers 4 exciting stations:

Circuit Boards

Electricity can be a complex and confusing subject. However, at The OliOli® Atelier, real components are specially designed for all to create electrical circuits! Starting with simple elements like bulbs, motors, and batteries and moving on to utilising more complicated parts and connections, children are invited to take their time exploring and experiencing to understand how electricity works.

Scribbling Machines

Here, you can build small motorised contraptions that move around in surprising ways, drawing interesting patterns behind them. We offer simple materials and everyday objects to help you explore concepts around electricity, motion, and patterns.

Balancing Sculptures

These are whimsical artefacts that are built by tilting, sliding, and suspending ordinary objects in unexpected arrangements. This is a playful, tactile exploration of stability, centres of gravity, and symmetry.

Light Play

This is an exploration of light, colour, and shadow. Everyday objects are used to interact with light sources to produce light and shadow scenes. This activity encourages playing around with light sources and materials with different translucency and reflective properties to develop a first-hand understanding of the phenomena. Besides the physics of light and shadow, the activity has its aesthetically beautiful side with all the patterns and shapes that can be encountered.

The OliOli® Atelier is included in

OliOli® Standard PLUS ticket AED 149 for 1 Child + 1 Adult

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Please note that the OliOli® parking lot will be closed from Friday 23rd to Thursday 29th December. Kindly use the RTA parking during this time.

Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm
Wednesday: 9am – 6pm
Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 8pm
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