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3 Birthday Gifts as we turn 3!

After weeks of birthday celebrations and two awesome gifts:

1. Our new admission policy, by which,
Adults now go Free at OliOli® – One free adult with each child ticket!

2. Our awesome
3-month membership offers.

It’s now time for us to share

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Our Biggest, Brightest and Best surprise yet!

A brand-new gallery with an unparalleled experience!

Museum of the Moon

World-renowned artist Luke Jerram created a five-meter accurate replica of the moon by fusing imagery from detailed NASA pictures of the lunar surface.
You will be nothing short of amazed by this breath-taking experience.

Click here
to get a glimpse of our mesmerizing new gallery.

The Museum of the Moon is a
complimentary feature as part of the OliOli® entry ticket till the 31st of October 2020 as a part of our 3rd birthday celebrations.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at OliOli®, to come and experience the fascinating Moon!

Advance bookings are mandatory.